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Quotes of my own

2009-05-09 11:27:17 by tashpiro

well i cant really say these things in real life convo's because they are usually just too closed minded and proly be called a retard so ill put them here....1 a week... tell me if you like them, or change your perspective about life =Ð

Note:... i came up with these on my own from real life experiences.. i did not steal them in any way and if they sound familiar then tell me about it not criticize

"The First to say are not the first to Know, only the First to Dare to Teach"

Quotes of my own

Diffrence between love and Lust

2009-05-07 22:39:58 by tashpiro

omg this is sooooo halarius

/* */
mmmmm... noooodllessss.... =Ð

Diffrence between love and Lust

Pick-up Lines

2009-05-07 20:20:23 by tashpiro

ive never heard any good pickup lines in my life.. any1 got anything good?

Pick-up Lines


2009-05-06 17:58:56 by tashpiro

k fulp is a little too trigger happy on banning... im not liking it.... i got banned from the audio portal for trying to put some funny songs up that i know but i guess i should've known.... but now getting banned from reviewing people for 10 days!... all i did was tell this retard off because he put one of those "joke" submissions up and tried to give it a point.. like any1 is gonna even care.

Stick Men

2009-05-06 04:47:02 by tashpiro

i have to say stick men are my favorite people because they can do anything and have no face but you can still get a vibe of what they are feeling at the moment because people exaggerate what their point is way too "Strongly" if you will... check this out

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this isnt the original one i saw a few years back... couldnt find it but this was the closest one i could find...

Go to if you want to play some cool games or just see cool vids about stick people =)

Stick Men


2009-05-04 17:10:33 by tashpiro

omfg go to google and type "French Victories" dont hit enter just click I Feel Lucky.....
i found this to be halarius

audio portal

2009-04-23 12:13:05 by tashpiro

well im banned from putting stuff up there =(

Audio Submissions

2009-04-22 22:45:34 by tashpiro

WTF! doesn't loop mean you used som1 elses' stuff and therefore shouldnt be held acountable cuz i got banned from the audio portal for putting some ICP up


2009-04-19 21:11:17 by tashpiro

wow i had no idea this was blogging.. i asked on these "entries" and a bunch of people "corrected" me on it...

i feel really retarded

oh and if any1 seeing this doesn't know how to blog... just go to your profile and in "News/Web Log" click make a new post and that's how u blog.

if any1 has any ideas about what a noob at newgrounds should know please post somthing here, its mostly for me but there might be some other people out there more of a nub than me =)


2009-04-18 20:04:21 by tashpiro

i have no idea how to post a blog... can any1 tell me how?