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"To be, Or not To be"

2009-06-17 06:51:04 by tashpiro

That was the question, the question of shakespeare's play, Hamlet. what is the meaning of that question some ask, is it to be good or bad, right or wrong, maybe it's just empty words from an old man living in his own fictional reality. I do not want to be just another opinion in the eyes of the world, i want to be a truth, not for fame, not for currency, but for open mindedness. I believe that "To be, Or not To be" is the question of death, the fine line or path that we all walk. Once we reach the end of that path we cannot go any further, we must fall, and is it into the darkness that is aesthetically pleasing and cool to the touch only to envelope you in hellish night that you cannot see or find out the truths that we all search for. Or is it into the light from which we come, the light that falls on all our faults exposing us to the universe but we accept and finally see the truths that are the world.

The reason we walk a line in the middle of all the chaos, is because the universe is balanced, good and bad, right and wrong. These things have always been and always will be. God tells us to be pure, the impossible in an unwavering world of Yin & Yang, so is his will. We will of course fail this task set upon us, he only asks that we try and try again the inevitably impossible so that we will pass an un-passable test of failure.

The Line once again is set by he, some say that we control our own destiny. but if we control it and we know not of our limits how will we ever pass the test if we set the bar too high. Control in the Mortal world is an Illusion, For we are all Predestined by the true one and all.

Saying that you have, but have not yet done. only with a pure mind and body is this not lying, but rather protection of the un-pure and nothing else, some call these white lies. in the hands of the tainted are these not only lies, they are dark and deceptive, the tainted should have no secrets and help eachother through the rough trials ahead, only then will the tainted become the pure and the lies become the protection.

The ones that know the truth did not just come about it. They questioned and sought after the answers. To find the answers they sought, they did not just simply find them because the looked for them, they questioned the very facts of the universe to undo them and find the laws of life

"The First to say are not the first to know, Only the first to dare to teach" - Me

Timothy Ash


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2009-12-20 01:35:32

that deep shiz bro :P


2010-01-25 05:59:05

i think ive found my intellectual match

check my response to your 12th entry

you might get an idea of what i mean